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I recently created the website for my upcoming wedding. There are a lot of wonderful website builders out there specifically created for weddings, but I really wanted to make it my own, and keep my HTML skills up to snuff.

I first listed out everything that needed to be included from fun details to important travel info. I then decided which bits were most important and what belonged where, and made some sketches.

I found the foliage in this design from a library that put a lot of old botanical illustrations up on Flickr for public use. I created final designs in sketch, then started coding them up. It was so much fun!

The most fun part was creating this little foliage animation.

I also made the wedding invitations to match the website.

You can see the website for yourself here. To ensure our privacy and that of our friends, I stripped it of its sensitive content and filled it with Bob Ross Ipsum text, which should make for a happy little read.

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