Research Process


UI, UX, Prototyping

Design Process

As I worked on various projects, I began to look for ways to improve or avoid negative user feedback, as well as work more smoothly with the developers. I developed a process that helped solve these problems. The result is a checklist for different sized projects that is used as a guide when embarking on a new feature. The goal is to do (enough) research, get sign-offs on wireframes, do more testing, and involve more stakeholders (especially front end engineers) into the decisions at key points.

It has only been implemented for a few weeks, but the general response is positive. It provides a clear path for what to do next, Front End Engineers have more input, and we spend less time iterating in high-fidelity.

Persona Document

I implemented the persona document when I first started working at SmartRecruiters. I felt somewhat lost in the recruiting space, as I had no personal experience in it, and I wanted a way to understand my users better, as well as learn more about the industry. Creating personas was a good way for me to learn, provide a document for others to learn from, and make something that could be referenced for future projects.

Here is an example of one of the personas (there are 20 in total)