Illustration, Sketch, Illustrator

This piece is a compilation of various illustrations and logo designs I've done while at SmartRecruiters.

Dia de los muertos bulb

I made these versions of the SmartRecruiters logo for Halloween.

Conference Room Illustrations

While I was at SmartRecruiters, we had three conference rooms that were named "you rock," "you rule," and "you're smart." It was impossible to remember which one was which because their names were so similar. So we changed them to "Cellar" (next to the kitchen), "Fishbowl" (the one with the most windows), and "Attic" (the one upstairs). The office manager asked me to make some illustrations for the door. I had a lot of fun with them.




Empty States

These are a few empty state illustrations I made as a concept for a project on task management.

Star Wars Easter Egg

This is an easter egg that used to exist in the product. If the user searched for "Darth Vader," this illustration would come up on the search results page with the message:"This is not the candidate you're looking for." We released it the week of the Episode VII release in December 2015.