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Design isn't just about making things look good, it's about solving
problems intelligently.



"Nadine is a talented, hard-working and passionate designer. She has the versatile skill-set and attitude needed to jump into virtually any project - user interviews, wire-framing, UI design, surveys, and even front-end code fixes. She is always hungry for improvements to the user's experience of a product. Most importantly, she strikes a great balance at handling feedback - standing up for her own ideas while being adaptable and learning/iterating rapidly from the ideas of those around her."
- Paul Gu
Co-founder Upstart Network

"Nadine Gilmer is a pleasure to work with because of her personality and her skill set. She is dedicated and works hard to get things right and to get things accomplished. She is willing to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. We worked together on a project with a quick turn around; Nadine was always on point and I could trust that she would work hard to get the task done. Nadine is also warm and fun to work with, she is a great collaborator, and she always has the user in mind. She has a point of view that she has gained from her experience, but she is wise enough to put things in front of users to get their feedback. She is a solid addition to any team and I trust that she will make the clear very quickly."
- Reed Jones
Fellow UX Designer